Companies of the NFM GROUP

NFM ALLOYZ is the user interface for products and services provided by the NFM GROUP. The company was established in Luxembourg in June 1994. We are in contact with customers and suppliers and we constantly strive to be an efficient service provider for all our partners. NFM ALLOYZ is sourcing all raw materials for the zinc alloys production. NFM ALLOYZ is marketing all NFM® products.
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NFM-CRAMET is the producing company in the NFM GROUP. We started the production of zinc alloys in Kruisem (BE) in 1989. Through continuous investments and developments NFM-CRAMET has grown into a medium-sized company with a nominal capacity of 60.000 mt of zinc alloys. All products are marketed by NFM ALLOYZ under the NFM® brand.

ISTC is a logistic company providing warehousing, conditioning and packaging services to the NFM GROUP. ISTC became operational in Kruishoutem in early 2008.

NFM GROUP has acquired THE BROCK METAL COMPANY Ltd as per 31st of May 2018. The BROCK METAL COMPANY is based in Cannock (UK) and is a leading supplier of zinc die-casting and galvanizing alloys in the UK and European markets, with a total capacity of approximately 45.000 T. The company has also been supplying the zinc and copper plating industries with specialist materials since more than 30 years.