Source & trading [DE]

We buy following products for our alloy production: Zinc SHG and HG / Zinc cathodes / pure Aluminium / pure Copper / pure Magnesium / pure Nickel / pure Bismuth

We buy and/or trade following products:

For our in-house recycling process:

Zinc Die Cast risers and runners / Zinc Die Cast scrap new and untreated (scabs) / Zinc Die Cast scrap new surface treated (scope) / Zinc Die cast dross (shelf) / Zinc wheel weights / New scrap Zinc (screen) / Old scrap Zinc (score) / Zinc Die Cast scrap old with or without attachments (saves) / Zinc Die Cast moulds

Continuous Line Galvanizing Zinc top dross (seal) / Continuous Line Galvanizing Zinc bottom dross (seam) / Galvalume dross / Batch Galvanizing dross (scrub) / Batch Galvanizing crude ashes / Zinc anodes new or old, with or without Fe

Zinc and Zinc Aluminium powders from the spraying process

other Zinc containing scrap and residues

For our trading activity:

Silicon metal

Manganese metal

Magnesium metal

Aluminium foundry alloys

Aluminium castings old or new (tense) / Aluminium sheet old, with or without attachments (taint/tabor) / Aluminium turnings (telic) / Aluminium foil, with or without plastic (taldon) / Alumiunium skimmings / Aluminium litho sheet / Aluminium wheels / Aluminium-Copper radiators (talk)

Copper Birch / Copper Cliff / Copper Milberry / Copper granules (glove) / Copper-Brass radiators (ocean) / Copper cables mixed (druid) / heavy metals mixed

Brass Honey / Brass tubes (pales/pallu) / Nickel-Silver solids / Nickel-Silver turnings

Magnesium scrap

other metallic scrap and residues