NFM® is a registered trademark used excusively by the NFM group of companies. NFM stands for the manufacturing and distributing of prime grade zinc alloys.

NFM also stands for serious and reliable partners in the buying and trading of non-ferrous metals and related by-products, scrap and residues.

NFM is committed to excellence in all products and services provided to our customers and suppliers. We constantly have to anticipate the challenges of a rapidly changing world, by remaining creative as well as reactive, and by remaining focused on our aims as well as flexible to our partner’s requests.

NFM is committed to continuous investments in better processes and technologies. NFM works at continuously optimizing it's innovative recycling technologies. By improving the recovery of zinc we save valuable raw materials from the waste stream.

NFM pushes for evolution through innovation. We believe that this innovation sources in the constant interaction of the product value stream and the people value stream. Our organizational learning is built upon teamwork and workforce involvement through task ownership.

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